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Business Hours: 9am to midnite ET.

Please call us (860-222-0027) or skype us (vincehap) if live support is not online.
limited Pokerstars chips available.
USA players: No paypal now, but pls try banks ACH transfer including PopMoney and Quickpay. All you need is a USA bank account to make transfer.Notices are sent through email or mobile phone. No bank account information required.

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Buy Full Tilt Poker Play Money | Buy Pokerstars Play Money

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Safe - Tilthips is a trusted source for Full Tilt play chips
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Buy Pokerstars Play Chips
Safe - Tilthips is a trusted source for Full Tilt play chips
Fast - Transactions
Secure - payments (128 bit encryption)

But don’t take our word for it....

Thanks so much

WOW I cant believe full tilt is open!!! Time to start building thanks tiltchips!! Baught 3m Super fast Im hooked.. yay

Stagg 11-02-2012 5

Friendly service,

Friendly service, I got 2.5m with not issues! Will come back agin!!!

Josh 11-07-2010 5

Be back for sure!

It worked out great and had a good time while doing it. Thanks again, I'll be back for sure!

Joseph B. 11-09-2010 5

5 STAR all the way

Hey Poker fanatics, this is the real deal, If you want try your luck at the larger limit tables and you cant ever creep up more than 25k..Buy them cheap with the best service and friendliest staff...5 STAR all the way.....

Darrin D. 11-11-2010 5

Got 10m!

Got 10m, i had to wait to chat but it was worth it! Thanks Guys

Julieequn 11-13-2010 4

Super Easy!!!

Super Easy!!! Thanks A million, No pun intended =)

Josh 11-24-2010 5

Easy fast nice service!

Easy fast nice service! I will be a reg.

Jess 11-26-2010 5

Best site i found!!

Thanks Guys Best site i found!! I will be back

Matt 11-30-2010 5


Thank you thank you thank you =)

Ben 12-01-2010 5


Good site and polite operator thank you!

Cory205 12-02-2010 5

Will be back!

Great buying experience, will be back...

JW 12-05-2010 5


Thanks Sooooooooo Muchhhh!!

Markii 12-05-2010 5

I will buy again!!

GREAT site and FAST! I will buy again!!

Steve 12-05-2010 5

Super Easy!!!

Was very easy!! Thank you

Alex 12-05-2010 5

great site!

great site! always reliable, and courteous. 2 time buyer here.

K9 12-06-2010 5

Thanks Very good

Thanks Very good, polite staff
i will be back again

Jakkwerom 12-10-2010 4

I WILL be back to buy again!

THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Thanks again,,,I WILL be back to buy again!

Steve 12-11-2010 5

You have a loyal client!

I was able to complete a transaction with the utmost speed and efficiency. Thank you for your service you have a loyal client!

Joshua 12-12-2010 5


tilt chips is great ...very efficient and nice people...affordable too...happyface.!!!!

Jan 12-14-2010 5


Tilt Chips - Great experience - thank you. Will tell friends.

Carlos 12-14-2010 5

easy, thanks

very fast. good prices good people!

Kenny 12-14-2010 4


Excellent service... fast and friendly

Danny 12-15-2010 5

Incredibly professional

Incredibly professional, fast, patient and freindly customer service that "chats" with you in real time until everything is understood. I'll certainly tell my friends about Tiltchips------- Well, the good ones anyway. Couldn't have run smoother than it actually did. I was a little leary at first - afraid of losing my $$$$$. Not so, extremely trustworthy. Keep up the good work and many thanks again!!!!!!!

Diane 12-16-2010 5

You got a loyal customer here!

Very professional people, Got my chips in a timely manner! I will tell everyone about this site, It 100% better than all the other sites!! You got a loyal customer here!

Kevin 12-18-2010 5

Thanks soo much!

Thanks soo much!

Linda 12-21-2010 5

Friendly service,

Great buying experience, I got the chips fast! I got a million for free thanks guys!!

Gallo, r 12-24-2010 5

Happy, thanks

great service...........fast & prompt. the holiday bonus was awesome. 2nd kevin's remarks about a loyal customer

Mike 12-24-2010 5

glad to do business

i was really nervous bout usin my real money but lori kept me online chat till we were all done and it was easy and fast i would reccomend it to anyone no worry hasslefree and im not a robot i am a real user of tilt and thiss site glad to do business happy spendin win big and good luck

bizzle 12-24-2010 5

gave me best Xmas present

I Love this site and they gave me best Xmas present.....chips for my $...I Know....imagine...getting what you paid for.....but these guys are legit! Love your site!

Dreak 12-25-2010 5


Repeat customer many times..THESE GUYS ARE GREAT! Thanks again tiltchips

Steve 12-27-2010 5


These guys are great! I love this site soo much! I will be back thank you!

Carl 12-27-2010 5

glad to do business

This place is great, very efficient and nice people!! I will be back

Kenny 12-27-2010 5

Friendly service,

I am very impressed. Jay had the patience to explain to how to get going. I don'y know much about computers
But he got me to where I needed to be.Again thanks very much, I'll be back

Larry 12-27-2010 5

These guys are legit

Take it from someone who has been ripped off many times, these guys are legit. Fast, courteous, and professional. 'Nuff said.

Glastoki 12-28-2010 5


AAAAA+++++Best Seller & Honest...and prices are super...

Robert 12-29-2010 5

Totaly love it

These people are great, fast service, best prices and honest, my 2nd purchase..tks

Robert 12-30-2010 5

I will buy again!!

Very good people to deal with, will be back.

Bobby 12-30-2010 5

These guy's are GREAT

These guy's are GREAT as usual....fast and easy...THANKS TILTCHIPS!!

Steve 12-30-2010 5

Very honest

Very honest. No problems. Will deal with again. 5*****

Joe 12-30-2010 5

great site!

Very nice contact and quick procedere. just great: cheap and very very honest

BlackForst 01-03-2011 5

Great thanks

Great transaction. No problems and chips delivered fast! Will be back!

Ted 01-03-2011 5

The best on the Net

The best on the Net...5 Stars!!

Gary 01-04-2011 5

pleasure doing business

It was a pleasure doing business with you. It was quick, easy and very professional.

Jacqueline Lynch 01-04-2011 5


Great people.Easy and quick.. 5 stars

Rob 01-05-2012 5


was fast and easy

texacojo 01-06-2010 5

I will be back 100% for sure!

The best site on the net is an understatement, these guys are polite and professional. I will be back 100% for sure!

Robert 01-07-2011 5

Repeat buyer here and would not buy anywhere else.

AS USUAL, THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Repeat buyer here and would not buy anywhere else. They are always fast and friendly. Thanks TiltChips!

Steve 01-09-2011 5


Perfect transaction also very fast and easy i will be using this again

Daniel Lioneye 12-10-2011 5


so far very bad....I have tried 3 days in a row to try, try to buy chips!!!! nothing so far~!

Anonymous 12-10-2011 1

Be back for sure!

I was very pleased with the results......I was very skeptical....but I got all my chips even though thry did not get their confirmation of the $$$$'s being transfered........ty Jay

Steve 01-11-2011 5


verry fast transfer its so nice thanks:)

matcherdog 01-12-2011 5

Great Prices, hope they stay low =)

Hsve purchased several times without a flaw..good prices plus bonus...5 star service thanks..

Bobby 01-12-2011 5

Great people

Great people to interact with and very quick to respond - thx.

Charlie 12-13-2011 5


OUTSTANDING GUYS!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for the fast and friendly service. I'll be back for sure!!

Steve 01-13-2011 5

Best service I've ever had! No lie these other sites suck =p

Best service I've ever had. Great customer support. thank you tiltchips.

Ryan 01-14-2011 5


Another great transaction. Thanks!

joe 01-21-2011 5


Great transaction and thankyou for all your help

Gail 01-22-2011 4

Once again...

Once again, YOU GUYS and LADIES ARE GREAT!!! Thank you very much!

Steve 01-20-2011 5

Wicked hahahaha

Service AAA+++ Thanks!

Thanks so much that is so Kool! 01-23-2011 5

very quick and professional

Always great to deal with tilt chips - very quick and professional. - Thanks.

Anonymous 01-26-2011 5


PLEASURE AS ALWAYS!!!doing business with you, will be back for sure!! Thanks guys!!

Steve 02-03-2011 5


another great transaction thank you

Gail 02-04-2011 5

This site is awesome

This site is awesome and 100% legit just made like 50 bucks selling play chips!!!

Nick Shankle 02-05-2011 5


This site is awesome. Great to have a place to purchase chips where there is no risk of getting scammed. Great job!

Kelly 02-08-2011 5

I will Be back for sure!

i had a great experience buying chips from tiltchips.com it is very trust worthy this is where im going to buy my chips from this web site

JC 02-09-2011 5


GREAT AS ALWAYS!!! Thanks again!

Steve 12-16-2011 5

Thanks alot

thanks alot tiltchips=) very nice to buy from u =)

Magnus 02-23-2011 5

very trust worthy site

very trust worthy site to buy it
and very fast....ty

david 02-24-2010 5

Highly recomend!

Very pleased with site. Delivered chips right away. Highly recomend site!

rhonda 02-25-2011 5

I highly recommend this site to anyone

You Guys are GREAT as usual!!!! Thanks and will buy again!...and Ms. Nancy should get a bonus for being so sweet!

Steve 02-26-2011 5


Thanks for the chips, I will enjoy playing with them. You are awesome. & to the people conetemplating buying them, DO IT! I was hesistant at first thinking it was a scam but I got my chips right away!! =) thanks Nancy! =)

Amy 02-26-2011 5

Once again...


Steve 02-27-2011 5

TiltChips is awsome!

TiltChips is an awsome website. I was extremely sceptical at first, but in a very short time I had the chips as ordered. The professional staff could not be more knowledgable and helpful, for first timers they will lead you by the hand from start to finish. I couldn't be happier with their services or professional staff. I've used TiltChips numerous times and plan on using them again and again. If their "LiveChat" is offline, you'll be surprised at just how quickly they get back to you. I've trusted them with about $600.00 so far ---- very reputable!!!!!! Nancy is always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Again TiltChips!!!! I'll be BACKKKKKKKK.

Diane 03-05-2011 5


Great site, HONEST, FAST and FRIENDLY...thanks

Harvey 03-06-2011 5



TOMMY 03-10-2011 5


Tiltchips is an honest site that offers great prices and service. Nancy is awesome! I will be back!

Lauren 03-10-2011 5


first time customer & i will def. be back again soon, HONEST SITE, chips come instantly!

Dr.Wagner 03-13-2011 5

I will buy again!!

I have contacted TiltChips several times and they are always ready to help. Nancy is a true professional. I will refer all my poker friends because this site is honest and efficient.

Jack 03-13-2011 5

You got a loyal customer here!

All good great work nancy

tommmy 03-14-2011 5

Easy fast nice service!

another day, another deal, always fast, always top notch, THX again.

Dr.Wagner 03-15-2011 5

You have a loyal client!

great service as per usual tyvm

Tomg2677 03-15-2011 5

Best site by far

Best site by far! Good prices and Nancy is a,ways honest. I will be back!

Jeff 03-15-2011 5

I can never loose =p

Tiltchips is the boooooooooomb

tom 03-16-2011 5

I will buy again!!

Nice service and everything, but should do something about credit cards payment because (Western Union $20 fee) is too high. Thanks

R.Steve 03-16-2011 4


I purchased 350 million with no problem. Nancy was professional and fast. Although I was unsure of my decision to send that much money, they were HONEST! I highly recommend this site to anyone needing play chips. Thanks TitlChips!

Alex 03-19-2011 5

Awesome sevice

great site, great support, awesome sevice, 100% trustworthy, the best!

Mr.Modest 03-20-2011 5


Great Place to get chips....very smooth operation....Thank You!!!

Steve (rocketaces787) 03-23-2011 5

I will be back. Thanks

A very smooyh transaction. I will be back. Thanks

Larry 03-23-2011 5

You got a loyal customer!

I was very skeptical at first as im sure everyone is, but there was no problems and chips delivered fast! Will be back!

Josh k. 03-23-2011 5

Friendly service,

Went smooth...very friendly...thank you...would buy again

Traci 03-25-2011 5

Nice - Thanks Guys

fast and serious cool !!!!!

luis 03-27-2011 5

These guys are legit

dam, i have been scammed by players at the higher tables, but this SITE IS LEGIT, if you dont believe me contact me at Kole2332@aol.com and i will tell you personally!! thnaks will be back for more business!

Kole Joseph Schoenecker 03-31-2011 5

Thanks alot

Great saite...quick a easy...thanks!

Harvey 04-01-2011 5

Thanks soo much! =>

Ive was referred by a friend to tiltchips, but when i googled them i found another site that was cheaper.. I guess i got what i paid for, they never gave me chips and scammed me out of 25$. But Tiltchips is a great place I recommended them to anyone this is my second time here and the way i play wont be my last =P thanks guys!!

Sarah 04-02-2011 5

Super Easy!!!

very fast and reliable. nancy was great and an easy transaction tyvm

Anonymous 04-03-2011 5

I would reccomend ur site! Keep it up

ty for a smooth & easy transfer, i would reccomend ur site to friends

val 04-04-2011 5


This site is 100% legit. Thank you Nancy for a fast and easy transfer. I tried to buy chips on another site where I paid money but they never gave me my chips. Tiltchips is honest!! Thanks, I will refer my friends!

Sarah 04-06-2011 5

YOUR SECRET WEAPON for Full Tilt Poker domination.

Great site. Fast transfer, and friendly service. Dominate your Full Tilt tables with the knowledge that you have a very LARGE STACK!!! Tiltchips.com: YOUR SECRET WEAPON for Full Tilt Poker domination.

Tilted on Poker 04-06-2011 5


excellent service very helpful reps a real pleasure

jason vernau 04-06-2011 5

I will buy again!!

Fast, friendly service. I will refer my friends!

Michelle 04-06-2011 5


what can i say nancy is terrific at what shes doing great job hun ,hope i win so i dont come back so often lol ,gl alll

Anonymous 04-07-2011 5


AWESOME people, just AWESOME!!!! Thanks again Tiltchips!

Steve 04-08-2011 5

Highly recomend!

Excellent and prompt service....safe and secure site....highly recommend

Anonymous 04-08-2011 5

Once again...

As usual, nancy was great. Thanks Tiltchips!

Nick 04-10-2011 5


What a fabulous service -fast ,easy and friendly!

Jody 04-10-2011 5

very reputable

great service always a pleasure to deal with

jason vernau 04-12-2011 5

Happy =)

Thank you for your patience with me and the absolutely wonderful service!! I am happy happy happy!!

Jennifer 04-13-2011 5


amazing people so easy to work with i real pleasure

jason vernau 04-15-2011 5

great site!

Great site, delivers as advertised. Thanks!

Harvey 04-16-2011 5

Thanks alot

they were great ty so much

jennifer 04-17-2011 5

Easy fast nice service! Thanks A+++++

So super to deal with ....easy, fast and friendly people to work with~! ty

bzinbby 04-20-2011 5


Great service! Very quick transactions...

Anonymous 04-24-2011 5


very annoying to deal with, never responds to emails.... i NEED CHIPS ASAP THIS IS TOTAL SHIT

Max 04-30-2011 1

Friendly service

great service , fast and safe . thank you nancy

jon 05-01-2011 5


BUYER BEWARE!!! i asked for 40 mil and they told me to send them my id and phone number, i wanted to do visa/mc which is accepted on there site but now they are telling me they dont accept it without my ID, Very fishy

emil 05-04-2011 1

I will buy again!! A+++

I bought chips for the first time and thought the service was awesome. They were easy to deal with and HONEST. I will be back!

Dan 05-13-2011 5


Smooth and fast transaction. Thank you.

lilly 05-13-2011 5

Thanks A+

Super fast response...my second time buying chips...I hope to win now...Thank you

Marcel 05-13-2011 5

You got a loyal customer!

I was not sure about buying chips on an internet website but decided to try it out. They were friendly and fast. I bought twice with no problems. They are very honest, I will tell my friends. Thanks tiltchips!

Kayla 05-14-2011 5

pleasure doing business

Great experience. This site is legit. Nice to have an option to buy where you know you will not be scammed. Thank you.

Tom 05-14-2011 5

A+ Im here to stay!

exactly how they described, got in chat, made a purchase, sat down on fulltilt and had my chips all this within 10 mins from start to finish...nancy you rock ;D

Rebecca 05-14-2011 5

You have a loyal client!

great site easy transactions. been repeat customer. plus there cheapest around

david mccormick 05-16-2011 5


Fast and easy. Nancy did everything as stated. After paying for the chips, Nancy sat at a table and moved them quickly. Great service, I will tell all my broke FTP friends. Thank you.

John 05-17-2011 5

Friendly service A+

really fast and really kind

ross 05-17-2011 5

Tremendous patience... A+ all day long

your service is absolutely great and Nancy has tremendous patience. She is great. tyvm for your service

clara 05-18-2011 5

Super Easy!!!

really quick and easy john glad to help anyway he could polite and friendly they do what the site says and more

simon 05-20-2011 5

pleasure doing business with you

thank you, hope to do business again in the future

gorge 05-20-2011 5


great site! first time buyer and differently not my last. everyone was kind and friendly. they really help you out and i got my chips within minutes after I paid. THANKS A LOT AGAIN! :)

kyle 05-25-2011 5

You Rock

Nancy is the best. She always has patience with me and is always so polite. She is an asset to your business. Thank you very much for providing such great service.

clara cantu 05-25-2011 5

Here ya go, A+

This was a great and easy to use service. Make your payment then immediately receive your product. Thanks to John and tiltchips for providing a great speedy and secure service.

Karim 05-27-2011 5

I will buy again!

This service is absolutely great. John is a perfect gentleman and very patient. I will always use this service and refer my friends to it as well.

Clara 05-27-2011 5

Thanks so much

i was treated with respect a bye texasblondiend courtsey even with be being new

jeff dyer 05-27-2011 5

Thanks A+

service was excellent! blondie got me my chips very fast. this is a great place to buy chips!

jm 05-28-2011 5

loyal client

I have known this man a long time... a very good and trusted friend. We have been engaged in other activities as well. We share each othes loyalties.

TW 05-30-2011 5


Very prompt .. thanks!!!

Darlene 05-30-2011 5

loyal client A+

this is the 2nd time i have bought chips here.. great service! 1st time Nancy was awesome! 2nd time John was awesome too! very friendly and very fast exchange! i highly recommend buying your play chips here!! great place to get your chips! thx Tilt Chips!

jm 06-02-2011 5

5 STAR all the way A+

I checked all the comments before doing business with Tiltchips.com. All but a few of the reviews were right on. Nancy was great on live chat, and helped me a great deal, as this was my first transaction. Good people. Will definitely do business in the future, if necessary. 5star THX

Bill 06-03-2011 5


I've had multiple transactions with Tilt Chips. They're the real deal and take great care of their customers. You will be very pleased with your experience.

NS 06-05-2011 5


easy and fast. I will use tiltchips again and plan on telling my friends!

ruthie 06-06-2011 5

Fast and efficient A+ on everything

Fast and efficient - appreciated this. I will use their service again.

Carol 06-08-2012 5

Will be back!

Very simple and easy process. Fast reliable service. Will use again.

Ivan Baverstock 06-09-2011 5


i have used this service 3x now.. great service! fast and friendly! i highly recommend buying your chips from them! thx again Tilt Chips!

jm 06-10-2011 5

Thank you so much

I absolutely love this site. They are quick and very friendly. John is a dream. Nancy is great too. I will tell all my friends about this site. Thank you

Clarita 06-10-2011 5


I have used this site many times Nancy is great and can be trusted. Wish I could say the same for the Full tilt poker site.

Kelly 06-10-2011 5

Always a Pleasure

Awesome Stuff Guys, Always a Pleasure

Sean 06-12-2011 5

super easy thanks

It was so so easy and fast to do. I will be back. Thanks

Ruth 06-13-2011 5

This is a great site

This service is very good and very reliable, thank you nancy for your help! This is a great site! I'll be back next week for sure! ;)

Daniel 06-13-2011 5


thanks, that was fast

Mike 06-18-2011 5


as always service was great and fast! John and Nancy are awesome! i highly recommend getting your play chips here!! thx again Tilt Chips!!

jm 06-18-2011 5

I will prob be back =)

Thank you again for the fifth time.

John 06-26-2011 5

Easy A+

John was great! I purchased chips again and he was very fast and friendly. I will recommend tiltchips to all my poker friends. Thanks again!

Abe 06-26-2011 5

Good Experience

My experience was very nice and the person I had was great...ty ty to someone call Nancy...

Hawk 06-27-2011 5


John - you were great ... fast and easy

Rob 06-28-2011 5


Great service fast and friendly and can be trusted I have use this site many times thanks to FT

Kelly 06-28-2011 5

I guess no more Full tilt, thank tiltchips for being understanding!

thanks a bunch for refunding my money back due to the recent problem at ftp. great site and they stand by there word. thanks again john

abe 06-29-2011 5



ryan slater 11-02-2012 5

Little Lengthy Transaction but GOOD

Jay was a little lengthy to deal with but I got the chips without no problems and would recommend this site to anyone, this site is definitely secure.

Chipgettr 11-04-2012 5


awsome superfast and super easy!! real deal and 100% legit dont hesitate to purchase ive been scammed before and know the feeling these guys are awsome fast easy and nice!!

Jr 11-04-2012 5

Thank God!

How do i start,, I got chips the day ftp opened and i lost i got again and again. tiltchips is here when i need them.. They made me show them my ID but i didnt mind and now im Verfied!! =p Super nice and fast... Im so happy i found this place!

Jp 11-05-2012 5


Professional, quick delivery. Will definitely use again

Jon 11-05-2012 5

100% LEGIT

these guys are all friendly and seem like they really want to help fast and easy def will be back when i go broke again!!

Junior 11-05-2012 5

Happy Buyer

Great Service
Made simple and effective by Live chat
Will use them again, and recommend to anybody

Ivanavitch 11-08-2012 5

Perfect Quick Service

Bought the chips at 3:20 had them in my account at 3:29, excellent service.

Greg 11-10-2012 5

Bought 1/2 a million, great + fast service. Jay is awesome, thanks man!

Jay is the effing man.

OmidN 11-10-2012 5

Full Tilt Chips purchase

Awesome and fast service; best price I've seen...very nice people. Will buy here again.

Kelly Stetler 11-11-2012 5

Full Tilt play money chips

Bought FT play money chips. Excellent customer service. Vince took care of me in minutes. Easy process. I would recommend him and his business to anyone.

Brad 11-16-2012 5

Great service

Pleasure to deal with. It was a 1-2-3 transaction

Fred 11-20-2012 5


great . thanks!

Kole 11-22-2012 5

Buying chips

Getting chips was fast and easy , Vince from Support was Very helpful and gave precise and easy to follow instructions. I Would Surely buy chips again from Tiltchips.com

Kevin Kroeger 11-24-2012 5


Thanks to all at TiltChips. Excellent communication and rocket fast service. Best wishes and I'll be a return customer. I highly recommend these people.

Kenton 11-27-2012 5

Incredibly fast service

Was a bit wary so only got 1 mil, was insanely fast delivery. Very please. Recommend to anyone! :)

tj 12-04-2012 5


did very great in getting my play chips

peggy kirby 12-05-2012 5

Purchase of FTP chips

Great site very easy to use. Will use again if needed, Would recommend to anybody.

Ivan 12-07-2012 5

Great Experience.

Purchased chips while I was in live chat. Literally an instant purchase. Vince was great help. Would recommend.

Ryan 12-07-2012 5



Jr 12-08-2012 5


they are fast and honest

td 12-10-2012 5

Response to Garrett's

Garrett, I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I tried my best, if someone else sit on the table while i am waiting for you, I need to move to a new table. And after 20 minutes of waiting for you to try to find me and sit on my tables, (sitting on a table is really simple, as I explained to you, you just need to click on any seat) you can't even get to my tables once. I am so sorry that it didn't work out, but we refunded your money in full. We do wish you luck on the tables.

vince, (support) 12-10-2012 5

A+++++++ SERVICE

Extremely prompt took only a few minutes for the entire transaction will use again!!!

jordan 12-21-2012 5


Great service, Honest people Will do business with again. Recommend to anyone wanting to buy chips to buy from here.

J 12-22-2012 5

Really bad service.

I get now how this works. Vince was not very good at explaining what he wanted me to do. When you do the search several entries come up, you have to know which one is the target(in this case vince). Then you have to add your avatar to the table(which takes time), vince could never wait, he would move to another table, so I could never get on the same table as he was on. He got frustrated with the process and thought I was "kidding" him for some reason. Whatever!
You have to train your support people better. You have to list exactly what you need everyone to do. The one thing would be the following rule: have the customer log on to the table first then have (vince) log on to the table, the the speed contest would never have to happen. This was such a bad experience that you have taught me something. I will never try to buy chips again.
A very dis-satisfied customer.

Garrett Romain 12-09-2012 1

Extremely quick and effecient

I was leery but the payment was fast and getting the chips was amazingly simple.

I received 4 million chips as fast as humanly possible.

Thank you Vince!

Rob 12-16-2012 5

Thanks tiltchips!

nice doing business with . easy and quick transaction!

joe 12-15-2012 5

excellent service

extremely prompt highly professional will use again

jordan 12-22-2012 5


this site sucks. they wouldn't except my credit card b/c my address was wrong. AS IF I DONT KNOW MY OWN ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy 12-22-2012 1

purchase chips

Took a little while to find someone on line, but once I did, they were a pleasure to deal with. Fast and efficient and over-delivered.

Thanks guys.

F R 12-26-2012 5

Response to Amy's problems with credit card.

Hi Amy, I am sorry that you have problem charging your credit card.
Usually it is your credit card's bank that reject the transaction when there is a AVS (Address Verification Service) mismatch. You should call your credit card for that.
But, if you have a gift card and there is no address on it, please talk to support. We could try to manually skip the AVS, since there is no address listed for a gift card.


vince, (support) 12-26-2012 5

bought full tilt

this site is great it was fast and easy and they are wonder full and it is for real I will use them again I will tell any one who is looking for chips to use this sight it for real

brenda 12-26-2012 5

Amazing and trustworthy

Quick and easy, very helpful

Master Cripe 12-29-2012 5


Never new it could be done so quick and easy! Thanks TiltChips, I'm back in business!

ron 12-30-2012 5

glad i found this site.

I never thought something like this could be done. I am impressed. thanks. A+++++

Joao Araquistain 01-01-2013 5

Excellent service!

This is 100% the safest place to purchase starting chips at full tilt - Vice was funny and very professional. If busto comes back, i'll be back on tilt chips! Thanks again!


Alex 01-27-2013 5

Bought 3 million.

I bought 3 mil. I love this site! there are almost never on live support and this place is a rip off but the customer service is so good i will always buy from them! :)

Jason 01-28-2013 4

reply to jason's

I think Jason meant that the price was high for his taste for his rip-off comment. He continues to buy from us and we are still working to increase our live support online hours.

vince, (support) 02-13-2013 5


I was really impressed with this site. Vince was very helpful and completed my order very quickly. Thank you TiltChips!

Ben 02-11-2013 5

Second time to use this site, and I plan on using it alot more!

Thanks to Vince and the staff at Tilt Chips. This is my second time to use this site and I would recommend this site to everyone. Thanks!

Ben 02-25-2013 5

Very quick and easy!

Bought 2mil FTP chips and it was simple and easy to do. took no time at all. Thanks Vince!

JC 03-07-2013 5

Excellent Service! 500k Transaction

Very prompt seller, and an A+ smooth transaction. Definitely recommend to anyone interested. Best chips for the $, take my word for it.

Bill Keller 03-03-2013 5

Full Tilt Play Chip Purchased 2 million

Super fast and extremely secure.

Teresa O. 04-02-2013 5

signing up and buying FT play chips

Smooth process...good value and great help from the online advisor. We hit a couple of snags in signing up, but now we are verified and good to go for the next time

af 04-13-2013 5

Fast and safe

This is my 2nd times buying from tiltchips , very fast and safe i am extremely pleased .. thanks vince

jon 05-06-2013 5

Chip purchase

Fast, professional and trusted service. Ordered 1mil and Vince ran me through the process and got my chips to me very quickly.
Would use again.

Jon 06-08-2013 5

1 Mil chips for $11 bucks. The chat program was down and I was called within 30 mins and I had 1 Mil+ in a few secs. Very nice! Thank you

A++++ Transaction.

JDM 06-15-2013 5

cheapest Pokerstars chips

Bought 10M pokerstars chips for only $30. Thank you vince.

jon 04-03-2013 5


My transaction for FTP chips could not have been better. Vince was professional, polite and very FAST. NO WORRIES WITH THIS SITE!!!!!!...... Within 5 minutes of received funds, you will be playing at what ever table limit you wish!

Diane 07-22-2013 5

if you are looking to buy play chips this is the site you want!

Tilt chips is a great place to buy your chips. i have bought many times and the service is always great. you get your chips fast and easy. i def recommend you buy here. you will be glad you did!

Jeremy 07-23-2013 5

FTP Chips

Bought 2m in FT poker chips and received awesome service! A++++ for sure!

TFLO 07-26-2013 5

If you need play chips Tiltchips is the place to get them!

Just made another purchase. it was fast and easy as always. the service is great, fast, and friendly! if you are looking to buy some play chips you found the right place to get them!

Jeremy 07-27-2013 5

Fast services

This is the second times I bought 10m pokerstars,. took less than a minute after i paid to receive the chips both times.

tiny 08-01-2013 5

Great service!!!

Thank you for the quick service :)

L 08-03-2013 5

Finally a legitimate site!

Finally a site that legitimately gives you chips and offers great deal while doing it. Will definitely become a regular here.

Eric 08-05-2013 5

Cheapest and fastest.

just bought 50m using Paypal "LOAD MONEY card". I found mine LOAD MONEY card in a CVS store Cheapest chips I can find, vince is super fast.

tos 08-08-2013 5

Great deal on Pokerstars chips.

vince told me to get the paypal LOAD MONEY card. I got 100m Pokerstars chips for only $220. I used to pay almost twice as much on another site.

Mel 08-10-2013 5

Good Job Vince

excellent service, easy transaction, will be back again and reccomend to my friends ... thank you Vince

Alan 08-12-2013 5

Quick and Easy...

...and good prices!

Brian 08-13-2013 5

chip purchase

excellent to deal with!

chris 08-14-2013 5


Perfect! fast and reliable! Always gives discounts and percent bonuses!

Dakota L 08-14-2013 5

Bonus received.

Excellent service. Best prices online (long time buyer, big donkey here) No issues. Slight time delay resulted in extra bonus chips. Great staff.

Amanda D. 08-15-2013 5


Fast and flawless service.. If you need play chips there is no reason not use Tilt Chips. Always prompt, never any issues.

Jake 08-15-2013 5

fooled again........

Please refund my purchase .........I forgot to look and see if you were on line.......and you never seem to be

Phil Blabon 08-19-2013 1

Pokerstars Chips

Great Live Support :)

I received my chips soon, the best place to buy

andre 08-20-2013 5

Sorry, Phil, refunded.

Your payment was voided and refunded. Sorry that you missed us. We tried calling your listed phone without success. Next time, please call our customer service phone, 860-222-0027. Hopefully you can come back and we will try to make it up to you.
vince (Admin, tiltchips.com)

vince 08-20-2013 5


The best and fastest.....dont go anywhere else...

Angel 08-21-2013 5

perfect transcation

these guys are as smooth and quick as you could ask for... perfect!!

jeremy 08-22-2013 5

You guys have treated me right on my purchases

Was fast and easy.

nathan miller 08-22-2013 5


Great service eficient and speedy. Will use again and again

Ivan Baverstock 08-27-2013 5

Purchase of Pokerstars play money chips

Vince assisted me today - he is simply THE BEST!

victoria sloss 09-04-2013 5

Good Transaction Reliable A++

Used a MoneyPak, Honest and Reliable seller. Will do business again if needed. Thanks again.

Joe 10-02-2013 5


another perfect, fast transaction!!!

jeremy 08-26-2012 5


Fast, reliable service! Trust this site..

Alisa 10-16-2013 5

Sold chips to vince

I recently sold 70mil of chips to Vince and it was a smooth transaction. If you want to sell your chips this is the only legit site I know out there. Will come back again to sell more thank you Vince.

Nick 11-27-2013 5

Buying chips

Best place to buy chips quick.

Michael Zellers 12-08-2013 5

Pokerstars chips

Great and Fast transactions

Michael Zellers 12-15-2013 5

play chips

i have never had any issues recieving the chips i buy and vince is always cordial and friendly which i love the best

melodie 01-30-2014 5

play chip

i have never had any issues recieving the chips i buy and vince is always cordial and friendly which i love the best

melodie zeigler 01-30-2014 5


very easy and trust worthy will do business again Thanks !

rashid 02-15-2014 5

Fast and Reliable

I have used tilitchips now several times...always fast and get what I paid for...thanks...

Paul 03-03-2000 5

full tilt chips

This site is awesome!!! Fast and easy....very friendly :)

debbie 02-07-2014 5

Buy From This Guy

100% trustworthy, multiple transations, and a nice guy.

Michael 02-07-2014 5


Great Service and as usual speedy response. Recommend them to anybody.

Ivan Baverstock 01-26-2014 5


pretty legit

Dan P 01-01-2014 5


Vince was excellent and was fast and courteous

Sam Vinci 01-26-2014 5

A great site to buy Fulltilt chips

Awesome service really friendly and never had a problem, telling friends about it.

Michael 01-26-2014 5


I was slow because i was nervous about this method. I had always dealt with people "I knew" or that one of my friends knew. Honestly I figure it was another scam and going to be a waste of money. They were patient, worked with me, allowed me to go at my own pace and at the end of the day, it was a straight up honest service.

Mike 01-24-2014 5

Chip purchase

Quick, simple and pleasant

Jeremy 01-17-2014 5

Great service

1st time i tried purchasing some chips, vince really helped me on making the purchase. even though there were some errors on the payment side, it was all smoothed out

legit and excellent service

Daryl 01-20-2014 5


this site is very usefull

roger puckett 02-02-2014 5


very nice people and great site

David 02-18-2014 5

these guys are the best!

fast and friendly no scams and no bs if you want chips dont hesitate to deal with this website they are 100% legit and friendly as can be

Ofelia 02-19-2014 5


these guys are always there for you and even give a little extra, they are the best out there....

tony 03-21-2014 5

full tilt

the best site every for getting what u need very fair awsome

brenda kelly 03-08-2014 5


Awesome service. Got chips quick, fast, and a hurry.

Christopher 03-18-2014 5



JEFF GARTELL 02-26-2014 5

Full Tilt Chips

This is the best site.. They are friendly and honest.

Negar 03-01-2014 5

Easy and painless

I would definitely buy chips at tiltchips.com again.

Sherwood Daniels 02-27-2014 5

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